LinkedIn for Job Seekers update

March 18th, 2009 | by Jason Alba |

Last night I tested the LinkedIn for Job Seekers DVD on my DVD player (it worked), on a Mac (it worked), and on two PCs (it worked on one, the sound didn’t work on the other – I probably need to update some software) … !

I also gave feedback for the DVD face and the sleeve to my graphics guy (neighbor/friend) and hope to get the final version back from him tonight, so I can send it all in to the DVD place and hopefully get a box of DVDs to ship by end of this month.

My distribution team (ages 5 – 11) are very excited to start shipping the LinkedIn for Job Seekers DVDs!!

Remember, order now and you’ll get more than $15 off ($10 off of the list price and we eat the $5.99 S&H)… you can order LinkedIn for Job Seekers here!

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  2. By Anonymous on Mar 18, 2009 | Reply

    Thanks for the update! I’m looking forward to the DVD.

    Way to go training young entrepreneurs! Maybe that could be a new webinar for a new alternate stream of income. Oh wait, some sort of child labor laws may void that idea :)

  3. By Jason Alba on Mar 19, 2009 | Reply

    LOL – those crazy child labor laws…

    Today I shipped the DVD and the artwork to the DVD company – I hope to have them at my office in the next 2 weeks … yippee!

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