LinkedIn for Job Seekers DVD

February 13th, 2009 | by Jason Alba |

I finally finished recording my uber-secret project and can announce it: LinkedIn for Job Seekers (in a DVD)!

I’m really excited about this – it replaces the old “Hands on LinkedIn” webinar I did that was too general, and grossly outdated… this webinar was recorded this month so will be current for at least six months :p

Because the recordings are SO BIG I had to put them on a DVD, instead of offering them to you for download (the total size would be around 3GB).

There are over 15 “sessions” where I go into various aspects of LinkedIn, and spend quite a bit of time on Profile reviews (critiquing 5 diff LinkedIn Profiles)…

I’m done recording, the editing should be done soon, and I hope to ship mid-March.  The price right now is $49.95 for a single person/family (if you are a company, outplacement firm, career center, etc. contact me for multi-license pricing), which includes S&H.

You can pre-purchase here and we’ll ship it to you as soon as we get them in!

If you haven’t followed my “multiple streams of income” posts, you might be interested in this one.

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  2. By Joshua Schwartz on Feb 19, 2009 | Reply

    Thanks for your blog posts. I find it very interesting and subscribe through Google Reader. My question for you, which I haven’t seen you address in any recent posts, is about the Job Search function on LI.
    Unlike sites like, LI does not allow you to setup feeds for performing job searches. This forces users to their site which, from a site management perspective makes sense, but as an active job seeker I do not have time to visit all of the potential sites. Am I wrong in thinking that feeds should be available to bring the info to me? Or that I have to go to LI to view the latest available?

    FYI – I’ve been using LinkedIn much more lately in my search. When I identify potential job opportunities, I use my LinkedIn network to submit resumes rather than go through the web submission process.
    Thanks for your thoughts,
    Josh Schwartz

  3. By Jason Alba on Mar 20, 2009 | Reply

    Josh, I agree, LI should allow you to save searches in RSS so you can pull them from a reader (not sure if they do or not now, it’s pretty common for job boards). The thing is, there aren’t a ton of job postings in their database, so it’s not even a place I recommend going to look regularly.

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