LinkedIn Thoughts from Paul Allen, Entrepreneur

December 15th, 2008 | by Jason Alba |

Paul B. Allen (aka, Paul Allen the lesser (since the other Paul Allen is a Microsoft founder and multi-gabazillionaire)) is well-known in the Utah startup space.  He has a very thoughtful blog… I found this awesome blog post about how he is using LinkedIn:

The Power of LinkedIn and The Speed of Trust

The Speed of Trust is a book written by Steven Covey’s son… and Paul calls LinkedIn “… without a doubt the most powerful “Speed of Trust” tool ever invented in the history of the world,” and goes on to say “I think modern entrepreneurs and business people who learn how to fully utilize its capabilities and help others in their network to benefit from it in appropriate ways, will find like I have that it it creates a wrinkle in time where all of a sudden you find yourself through some kind of invisible transference of good-will doing business with people you’ve never met before but that you feel that you have, because you’re friends of the same friend.

Yeah, that’s all one sentence :p  Bloggers do that (and we make up our own words, too).

Is LinkedIn useful?  Take it from Paul – this is a powerful testimonial on how useful it can be (there are a number of tactics hidden in his post – which are you incorporating?).

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