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December 10th, 2008 | by Jason Alba |

Here’s something I discovered on LinkedIn Group Discussions… when you leave a discussion comment, you can put your URL in and have it converted to a hyperlink.  So, if you put your email signature in, like this:

Jason Alba

then it will make that a clickable link.  This is one of those “little huge” things, as just having the link to click might get a few more people over to your website to learn about what you do.

I don’t think it works if you leave the http:// out… I haven’t tried that yet.  Check out a discussion response I submitted this morning… notice the hyperlinks:

Pretty cool huh?

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  2. By Walter Feigenson on Dec 11, 2008 | Reply

    Jason, here’s something similar: if you provide a link to your profile in your sig, you have to use www. http://linkedin/in/wfeigenson does not take you to my profile, but does.

    I reported this but to LI a long time ago, but it’s never been fixed.

  3. By Scott Cunningham on Jan 9, 2009 | Reply


    Be sure that the group allows you to post a link in your signature. Some groups will consider this advertising and kick you out.

    It happened to me for this very reason.


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