LinkedIn vs. Xing (or, what is

November 26th, 2008 | by Jason Alba |

TechCrunch has a great post on Xing… I get asked all the time about Xing… what is it, should you be on it, etc.

I don’t have an account on Xing, although if I had time I would.  Xing has had a strong foothold in Europe… I kind of think of it as the LinkedIn in Europe.  Now, LinkedIn has a stong presence in Europe, but if I were there, or my audience was there, I’d have accounts on … BOTH networks.

Read more on the TechCrunch post, and check out the comment from Joseph Perez who links to a graph showing the traffic differences:

And, here’s the fun question of the week: How do you pronounce XING?  I’ve heard all three of these:

a. zing

b. x-ing

c. crossing

Fun, eh?

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  2. By Jan Vermeiren on Nov 26, 2008 | Reply

    Hi Jason,

    I have an account on both websites.

    I wouldn’t call Xing the LinkedIn of Europe since LinkedIn is also the number 1 website in Europe.

    I agree with you that having a profile on both websites in Europe is a good idea :-) Especially in Germany since that is the country where Xing started as OpenBC.

    In the meanwhile they also have a worldwide presence.

    Before LinkedIn introduced “Discussions” I strongly advised people to have an account on Xing or Ecademy as well. These business networks started from the beginning as communities with lots of interaction between the members.

    It is interesting to watch and experience how these websites grow. I’m curious when we will have mergers between them.

    Have a great networking day !


    Jan Vermeiren, Founder of Networking Coach (

  3. By Lisa Hendrickson on Dec 3, 2008 | Reply

    Ok, I set it up and installed the Outlook add-on. I’m in fear of what it will do next. I didn’t have time to set up my profile yet. I have 1000′s of email accounts…I don’t want them all set out to invite folks til I test it. I did get a nice welcome from a guy from France.

  4. By Jason Alba on Dec 4, 2008 | Reply

    Jan, thanks for the great comment!

    Lisa, cool! Let us know how it goes, and what your impressions are :)

  5. By David Watts on Dec 9, 2008 | Reply

    Dear Jason

    I have an account on both. Xing has a lot of German members and provides good links to German companies active in Asia. I also has a good search engine for specifics. But I tend to use Linkedin more as there seems to be more business people on it from around the world.

    By the way Xing is pronounced SHING using western phonetics. Xing is written in the Chinese phonetic which is called pinyin. The word Xing can be pronounced in 4 different tones and has many meanings depending on the tone and context. So it can mean OK, Star, Awake, Blocked Nose, Lucky….

  6. By Used both on Oct 13, 2009 | Reply

    I used both.
    LinkedIn: lot of people around the world. easy to use, to connect to share and really benefit from networking.
    Xing: good for german. outside of this, real crap, no value, and the worse customer service on the planet. we do recongnize here a company that becomes public. they don’t care anymore about the “customers” that made them alive.
    i will use only linked in.

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