LinkedIn Discussions – Noise vs. Real Value

November 21st, 2008 | by Jason Alba |

This week I wrote a post on Peter Newfield’s Career Resumes blog about LinkedIn Discussions.  He asked his network about the value of LinkedIn Discussions, and the responses really surprised me.  I thought there would be people who would say they got a lot of value out of LinkedIn Discussions… I think they have become pretty powerful.  But the consensus from his question is that they are pretty spammy… self-promoting, advertising, etc.

Wow.  Let me share some thoughts.

I belong to the Execunet Group, which has around 90,000 Group Members.  Huge.  Each day I get an email with all the Group Discussions, and the message is so long I can’t even read it all.  In fact, I hardly skim well enough to get a real feel for what is there.  It is just too much noise for me, personally.  I’d like to participate there, because many of those people are part of my target audience (job seekers for JibberJobber, or purchasers of my book), but I think if I do my message will just be lost in all the noise.

So I haven’t, yet.

My JibberJobber Group, on the other hand, gets maybe one or two questions a day.  And other LinkedIn Groups I’m on get up to five each day.  When I get those emails I can quickly scan the handful of Discussions happening there.

What I learned is there is probably more opportunity to get your message out to Group members of smaller Groups, where there discussions are pretty quiet, rather than be a part of all the noise in very popular Groups.  In other words, it probably makes sense to join up to 50 smaller Groups and add value there than to join 3 huge Groups and not have a voice.

Oh, back to Peter’s question on LinkedIn, and the feedback he got.  Don’t spam.  :)

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  2. By Steve Duncan on Dec 8, 2008 | Reply

    I haven’t tried the discussions much, but I have used questions. Frequently the responses are good, but there are always a few folks who just don’t seem to get that their answer is there forever, and is probably one of the best indicators of character that Linkedin provides.

  3. By Bob Roman on Oct 3, 2009 | Reply

    Hi Jason,

    Thanks for your tips on Groups. I am currently running a group and here are my questions on Groups:

    How do send out Events just to my group? Announcements?. Is there limit on Announcements?

    When will Linkedin create a tab for Events? In groups, Discussion just is not the same?

    How can I use Sub-Groups better?

    Bob Roman

    President of Milwaukee Education and Training Organization, a Group on Linkedin and a live group in Milwaukee, WI.

  4. By Jason Alba on Oct 5, 2009 | Reply

    Hi Bob, great questions, I just created a new blog post today to answer your questions.

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