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November 19th, 2008 | by Jason Alba |

Jenna Papakalos shared an idea with me, and introduced me to the “Company Buzz” application on LinkedIn.  Basically, you can set up Company Buzz with any keywords and it will show you what is being said about the keywords from Twitter.  Interesting idea, and since I don’t use anything like this for Twitter for multiple phrases, somewhat useful.

Here’s how you set it up, according to Jenna:

1. Log into LinkedIn.
2. Click on Applications on the left hand side.
3. Click on the Company Buzz (powered by Twitter) on the Applications page.
4. Install the Company Buzz application.
5. Mark the check boxes Display on My Profile and Display on My Home Page, located on the right hand side.
6. Type in your Twitter ID (or any company name, topic, etc.) in the field on the left hand side and click the Add button.
7. Any tweets tagged with your Twitter ID will show up on LinkedIn.

You can choose to show the buzz on your Profile and/or your Home Page.  Think Google Alerts, but combing Twitter with LinkedIn.  I think the view is kind of clunky, just because of the sheer volume of tweets you might see, but it could be useful.  If you are wondering about buzz for just one search term, I recommend you go to

The interesting thing about this, and other Applications, is that it really does attempt to make LinkedIn more of a sticky application, where you go not just to “find and be found,” as I’ve said for so long, but to get all kinds of information.  Are people going to LinkedIn to …

  • see company buzz, when they could do it through Google?
  • watch slideshows, which they would get through
  • read blogs, which they could do through an RSS reader?
  • etc.

The power of LinkedIn is that they have a community… and if you’ve been building your LinkedIn network with people you “know and trust,” this information might be very relevent to you.

About a year ago, as I was working on the I’m on Facebook — Now What??? book, I heard many younger people were using Facebook as their entire internet experience.  They could do anything they wanted from Facebook.  It had become their “operating system.”

Could … should… LinkedIn become your “operating system?”  I don’t see that happening for me, but I’m guessing some people really appreciate all of this new functionality.

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