LinkedIn Answers Done Right, Courtesy Twelve Horses

October 31st, 2008 | by Jason Alba |

Every once in a while I see an outstanding use of LinkedIn Answers… not just good, but outstanding.  Let me share one with you:

I’m reading between the lines on this one and seeing “hey, we’re having an event, come to it!”  Steve, from Twelve Horses, could have said that, but he didn’t … he presented me with a question that is hitting three things for his contacts:

  1. I did not know Twelve Horses had an events page, and hosted events regularly (or, will start to).  This is news to me, and good to know.  Steve is super-connected in Salt Lake, and his partners are super-connected in Reno, NV, so this is a group I want to be connected with.  And he just shared that info with me in this question.
  2. Steve’s company does a lot with corporate branding and marketing.  Sometimes I forget what their specialties are, and I’m sure their prospects forget too.  And, I bet their current customers might not understand the breadth of their offerings.  This question reminds all of us what they do, and that they are very interested in brand evolution and all that other brand stuff.  Steve is using LinkedIn Answers to remind us what his brand is (as he asks a question about branding :p).
  3. Steve has an event… one I’m interested in, and he just reminded me about it so I can be sure to sign up.  This is a local event, but you can use the same tactic for a teleseminar or webinar.

That is just from reading between the lines… if I simply take the question at face value, I have a very cool question posed to me.  I’d love to answer it if I could think of a good answer, but I’m also very interested in seeing how others respond (right now there are 3 responses).  There should be some marketing firms and marketing managers who see this and want to brag about themselves or their clients, and this could prove to be a rich resources and discussion at the local level… amongst Steve’s target audience!

And, he gets bonus points for keeping the question concise!

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  2. By Steve Spencer on Nov 3, 2008 | Reply

    Jason, thanks for the love!

    I can’t tell you how much I agree with your book, and on the appropriate use of linked in in general. For this event we have leveraged email, blogs, twitter, linked in, etc. to get the word out.

    By far the greatest response has come through linked in. I just posted the question Friday, and as of Monday morning we have 8 responses online, and more directly to my email.

    Linked in has proven to be a great tool to not only enforce the brand, get the word out, and keep relationships fresh, but in this case has proven to be far more “social” than what we often think of as “social media.”

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