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September 17th, 2008 | by Jason Alba |

This is not “new” news, but it’s the first I’m blogging about it here.  I wrote LinkedIn Group Restrictions: Hand-slapping and Promises on August 7th, and now can report on what happened.

As far as I know, the limit to 50 Groups wasn’t a big deal for most people… just those who had more than 50 Groups.  My heart goes out to at least one person who CREATED more than 50 Groups, and haven’t heard an update from him – I hope they don’t take those Groups away from him (not sure how they would do that as someone as to be the Group owner). I have heard that some people got some Groups dumped for them but I don’t know if Sept 12 really was dooms day.  

I’m only a member of 4 Groups … so it didn’t affect me :p

The other part of the post is what LinkedIn hinted at what would be coming.  The most important thing, imho, was the discussion ability for Groups.  There is SOOOO much potential there, but it’s quite weak at the moment.

Steve Tylock, author of the LinkedIn Personal Trainer, says it’s a small step forward.  I say it’s very small… small enough it didn’t merit a timely post.

Groups enhancements has the potential to be as value-add as Answers is…. I’m expecting some big things in the future, but have learned to not hold my breath :)

Let me know what enhancements you would like to see in LinkedIn – whether it has to do with Groups or anything else.

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  2. By julius on Sep 18, 2008 | Reply

    Discussions are indeed a great addition, but as a group manager you are not allowed to moderate them.

    This makes discussion impossible as it is full of spam, people from other groups advertising their own group on the same subject.

    A nightmare.

    I wrote to Linkedin about it, but it looks like they are not famous for listening and taking action.


  3. By Jason Alba on Sep 23, 2008 | Reply

    Totally agree. When I say “weak at the moment,” this is one of the two main things I dislike about the current implementation. I would like to see:

    1. what you mention… real admin tools. If I’m the Group manager, let me manage the entire thing, including (especially!) discussions!

    2. I want notifications of when new discussions are up, and when new comments are up. Let me choose what and how I get them on my Account and Settings page, but I need some way of knowing there is new stuff there!

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