How Do You Find The Right Mega Connectors To Connect With?

September 12th, 2008 | by Jason Alba |

This is the third and last post in this unofficial series.  The first was on the value prop of people with large networks, the second is on whether you should connect with mega connectors or not, and the third is on how to identify the right mega connectors.

A few ideas on WHERE to find them… simply search for LION and see who comes up.  I bet you’ll find people in your first-through-third degrees who have LION or the number of their first degree contacts in their name/header.  Also, there are some links in this post on LIONs that will take you to websites where LIONs gather, so you can invite people at will.

I should note, I’m not an advocate of inviting a bunch of LIONs and open connectors, but that’s where you can find them.

The bigger question is this: If you are only going to connect with a few LIONs or open connectors, how do you figure out which ones you should connect with?

I talk about your SPACE: geography, profession and industry.  If you can identify people within your profession or industry who have large networks, try and connect with them.

Imagine if I’m in PR, and I find someone in PR who has 3,000 connections.  What percentage of those do you think are PR professionals, or professionals that a PR pro would want to connect with?  Probably pretty high.

Of course, it’s not a foolproof assumption… perhaps that PR person added 3,000 non-PR people… but that’s where I’d start.  Find someone in your SPACE to connect with.  Find a few.  Your network should get bigger and richer.

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