How many connections do you have?

June 4th, 2008 | by Jason Alba |

How many LinkedIn connections do you have? Do you know them? Do they know you? More important, do you measure your network strength by the number of LinkedIn connections you have?

I hope not.

I see people brag about how many LinkedIn connections they have and I think SO WHAT. Usually, I’m guessing, they don’t know what that means. They aren’t getting value out of it. They aren’t nurturing relationships.

And those connections know it – they are just a number.

I’ve even seen people invite me and their message seems to bleed:

connect with me because I have thousands of first degree contacts. And that means I can grow your network so big, so fast. I can bring you riches that you’ve never dreamed of!

That’s pretty lame. So not only am I going to just be one more connection to you, but you will use my relationship with you so that you can get more… numbers.

Good luck with that strategy. It’s a house of cards.

What if LinkedIn goes away. Or your account gets shot. Or any of many things happen… ?

The key is to nurture relationships.

Whether it’s with your LinkedIn connections, your Facebook friends, your Twitter followers, your blog readers, your….

get the point?

Nurture individual relationships.

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  2. By Rob Lewis on Jun 27, 2008 | Reply

    Great post! It is absolutely true, how many of our connections do we actually know? Up until recently, I could have answered with a very low number. Now with the realization that these contacts are not only brilliant, but they are WILLING to network and help you build upon your own experience with only the expectation that you do the same for them. Social Media is the new frontier, BUT only for those who utilize it, not just BRAG about it.

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