Writing A Question On LinkedIn That Won't Get Flagged As Spam

May 21st, 2008 | by Jason Alba |

Here’s a great question I got a few days ago:

Can you get flagged by asking a question if you insert a link to a demo on the advanced part of the ask a question? Here is an example:

We are currently launching a web based fulfillment tool called IW Connect that allows clients who are working with brand consistency issues, tight deadlines or who are under staffed to make graphic design or text changes to pieces themselves online and then send it to print without ever having to talk to a designer. How would you ask a question around this?

Are you currently using a web based fulfillment tool? What do you see as the perceived value?

I would like to incorporate a link to this into the advanced background information, but would like your opinion on doing so. I have never posted a question, but am excited to try it.

Here is the link: http://www.iwmarketing.com/learnmore

So there’s good news and there’s bad news. First, the bad news:

You can get any question, or answer, flagged as spam by anyone, at anytime.

Someone overly sensitive can flag it. Your competition can flag it. Your spiteful ex-lover can flag it.

It’s the same as e-mail spam… anyone can submit any e-mail to the spam databases… and people do, all the time, for all kinds of non-legit reasons.

The good news is, I think this question is an excellent question in LinkedIn Answers… you are asking for real information and feedback, and exposing your network to your professional product… and who knows? Maybe someone you know will be interested in it, or know someone who will!

What do YOU think?

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  2. By Nathon on Sep 13, 2008 | Reply

    Here are some thoughts:

    1. You could simply ask your question without the link. Would that give you the answer you need?

    2. If someone answered, then perhaps you could contact them directly with a followup question and the link.

    3. I’d try a “dummy” question first. Post a question with a link and see if it gets flagged as spam.

    4. Or just take the risk of being marked spam. What have you got to lose? Just repost it without the link.

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