Breaking News – No More Personal Plus Upgrade

March 10th, 2008 | by Jason Alba |

Is this breaking news, or “broken news?”

In the book I recommended the $60/year upgrade for those who needed to upgrade… but apparently the offer is off the table.   I’ve found out from the MyLinkedInPowerForum group that the link doesn’t work anymore.  Actually, I kind of noticed when I was on a webinar last week (after the new redesign was released) and I couldn’t find the link.

Anyway, no big deal, imho that upgrade didn’t offer much anyway.

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  2. By Laura Bergells on Aug 3, 2008 | Reply

    While the offer may be “off the table” — the Personal Plus tease is still there!

    Every time I visit “Who’s Viewed My Profile” in LinkedIn, I get the tease –

    To see all the people who viewed your profile, upgrade your account (starting at $60.00/year).

    Clicking on this, however, doesn’t yield a $60 offer. Kinda bait-and-switchy.

    You think that LinkedIn would remove the teaser ad after, what, 6 months of program discontinuation?


  3. By Mike H. on Nov 15, 2008 | Reply

    Looks like Personal Plus is still available:

    Not that it’s easy (if at all possible) to find on the site…I got there only via Google.


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