LinkedIn for Business Development?

February 12th, 2008 | by Jason Alba |

I got the following question, after an article I wrote was a feature article in a local business magazine:

I saw your article in Connect. I provide business consulting services i.e. executive coaching, leadership development, team building. Would LinkedIn be a good place for me to go?

My response was:

I would think so, why not? You can find clients, prospects, leads, and brand yourself (with a strong profile and active participation in answers). Many of my current JibberJobber partners are service providers, and have found business on LinkedIn.

I’m doing a hands-on LinkedIn webinar for $49.50, and would be happy to help you formulate your strategy, if you are interested. I charge $250 an hour (so the webinar is a good deal), once you see the webinar you probably only need about an hour or two.

Yeah, $250 an hour is a lot. The webinar is a pretty good value, don’t you think? If that’s too much you can get my book, or check out

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