Answers: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

January 7th, 2008 | by Jason Alba |

Director TomI love learning new things, and my personal LinkedIn coach, Tom Clifford, recently taught me something new. Okay, he isn’t my personal LinkedIn coach, but he does teach me new stuff all the time!

As I’ve mentioned before, Answers is one of the greatest features of LinkedIn…. it gives you a way to reach out and touch your contacts, otherwise just sitting there, and have some kind of “discussion” with them.

I wish Answers was more like a blog post, where you could have better communication between answerers (if nothing else, the ability to subscribe to the thread, to see when others post an answer, would make this 10 times better and more conversational).

So why is Answers the gift that keeps on giving? Last week Tom showed me how to re-open a question. That’s right… when your question closes you can resurrect it and keep it going.

Again, it lets you touch more people, expose your brand, expose other brands, etc. Here’s how you do it:

Click on the Answers tab:

Click on the answers tab

Next (and this is the part the messed me up, since it isn’t where I expected to find it), find the box labeled My Q&A and click on the bottom link, » View all your questions & answers

LinkedIn - My Questions and Answers

Next, find the question that you want to re-open and click on it (it will be a hyperlink)

Find the question you want to reopen

On the left of your question you’ll see this box,with a link to re-open the question. Basically it’s like asking the question all over again, and you can invite another 200 people to answer it.

LinkedIn allows you to re-open a question - yeah!

Pretty cool – thanks Tom for teaching me a new trick!

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