How To Know When You Get A LinkedIn IDK

January 2nd, 2008 | by Jason Alba |

My last post was on the infamous IDK issue… which is a hot and ugly issue. Not a super-big deal, but something that LinkedIn users complain about. A common question is … how do you know when you get an IDK on LinkedIn?

I didn’t know, because I had never been IDK’d. I just checked all my invitations and found that I’ve only invited 21 people to LinkedIn, which is a very small percentage of my overall connections. Of the 21, one invitation has expired, another is still sitting there (obviously two people who don’t use LinkedIn… as one was sent 10/2007 and another sent 4/2007), and the rest have all been accepted.

On the My LinkedIn Power Forum I saw an excellent exchange between Nadine Turner and Cor Gabriels that explains how to know – check out these images:

I Don’t Know You on LinkedIn

To get to the status of your invite just click on the connections tab, and then one of the submenu options is invitations:

Check invitation status of LinkedIn invitations

Cor points out a an easier way to see if your invitation earned you an IDK… it’s on the main list of all your invitations. Just click on Contacts, Invitations (like the image above) and you’ll see a list of all your invitations. If you see the “Doesn’t Know,” you’ll know you didn’t do a good enough job inviting this person.

LinkedIn makes it easy to see the invitation status

It’s that easy!

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  2. By Scarlet Pimpernell on Jun 9, 2009 | Reply

    Interesting tid bit on the <> issue with LinkedIN. But you are wasting your time analyzing this issue when you (we) should all be putting LinkedIn’s feet to the fire for this ridiculous mechanism. I have sent out over 500 invites and some of my exec friends who met me 1 or 2 years ago stil have clisked on the <> accidently. Did you know that LinkedIn can than freeze your account. The problem lies with the organization that has the power to do this not its memebrs.RISE UP and demand change !

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