This Stuff Really Works (but keep it in perspective)

December 18th, 2007 | by Jason Alba |

murray_a_mann.pngOne of my favorite people I’ve met this year is Murray Mann, who is a leading expert on diversity issues in the workforce and coauthor of The Complete Job Search Guide for Latinos. Murray read my book and sent me the following message:

Like many people, I had accepted an invitation to join a persons LinkedIn network, but never did anything else about it. I am a serious networker but was not motivated, even hesitant, to actively explore LinkedIn. I did not view it as a valuable resource for me. That was until I read your book I’m on LinkedIn Now What??? You clear explanation of LinkedIn as a powerful tool and options for using it, prompted me to start using the online network.

I followed your advice on invitations to join my LinkedIn professional network by writing a clearly personalized message and applying key networking rules. I sent out more than 100 requests the first week and 3-5 additional requests each day. Below are the results I have realized to date:

  • Almost 70 connections in 24 hours
  • 118 current connections in 2 weeks
  • 33 emails responding to my personal message
  • 2 acceptances to two LinkedIn Groups
  • 1 recommendation and 2 pending; all on brand
  • 1 consulting assignment from a connection
  • 1 journal article assignment for a respected publication
  • a few Inquiries regarding services and our blogs

I recognize that some of these results are not typical and may have been triggered by communication with a few people I have not touched based in a while. I will be taking a realistic approach to using LinkedIn. The process of building my connections should provide some interesting lessons that I will track and write about.

Kudos, Murray, for taking a systematic approach and really nurturing network relationships! It looks like you achieved a lot: grow your network, get back in touch with people, give (through recommendations), and get bu$ine$$…!

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  2. By Tom on Dec 28, 2007 | Reply

    It really does work!

    I’ve been a low key passive networker most of my career. About 3 months ago I decided to become a more active networker and LinkedIn has been a big part of reconnecting with folks. I’ve grown my LinkedIn network from a handful of connections to over 140 in the past few months.

    I must say I’ve been surprised by the power of LinkedIn. In these past few months I’ve had two job offers and a lunch a week with a member of my professional network as a result of using LinkedIn.

  3. By Jason Alba on Dec 28, 2007 | Reply

    Tom, I have to share something I read today… it was basically along the lines of “the technology changes, but it doesn’t make or nurture relationships. It’s the human element.” So to tool is working for you, but you are not using it as a crutch, simply as a tool – kudos for making it work!

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