Changes, Changes…

October 15th, 2007 | by Jason Alba |

Some quick changes since the book was written:

  1. One of the LinkedIn-centric e-mail lists that I mentioned and recommended, LinkedInnovators, has shut down. I don’t know why, as it had a good membership and good traffic and discussion… but the owners decided to shut it down.
  2. The other list that I recommended, MyLinkedInPowerForum, will probably change it’s name. The owner received an e-mail from LinkedIn that expressed concern about using the name “LinkedIn” in the name. For now, the link to My LinkedIn Power Forum still works.
  3. LinkedIn added pictures to profiles. They allow you to put one business or professional picture on your own profile, not more, and not on other profiles. They garnered a ton of PR with this, you would have thought that they found the holy grail, or invented social networking, or something like that. It was a good move, much needed, and as most have said, about time.
  4. LinkedIn has recently announced the API model they are designing is going to be a lot more controlled than developers were hoping. President Dan Nye is finally making an announcement about this, and opening communication through a blog post on The New York Times. The news about the API is pretty dissappointing to me as I was hoping that I would be able to interface with their API to provide value to LinkedIn and JibberJobber users. I also found it interesting that a number of developers that I know are ticked about it as they feel they’ll be shut out, and that I saw virtually no news about this, whereas just adding pictures opened up the news floodgate. Go figure.

That’s it for now.

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